final summary 1

This part of the project will be done individually but will be based on your team’s work in Modules 03 through 05.

The final report will consist of two parts. The first part is a summary written to the Senior Audit partner, which summarizes the work you have done, the tests you performed, and your findings. Assume you have completed all testing as planned. Choose three different items to note on the report that the findings were not as expected and detail what you did to resolve the issue.

Draft an Opinion Letter to be published and for the client. This should follow the industry standard in content and style.

Each group member should gather all audit papers and submit the completed audit package for individual grading purposes. To mirror a real world situation, you are encouraged to make any changes to earlier assignments before you hand in the final based either on feedback from the instructor or from further work of the group as the process progresses.

You will submit two documents this week

  1. A Word document containing the summary for the senior audit partner and the opinion letter for the client. The audit summary should reference the audit working papers in the Excel workbook.
  2. Your Excel workbook containing all of your working papers.

I will attach the excel file

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