Finance Question

Question 1    Long-term care is defined as care provided in nursing homes.    True    False5 points Question 2    ADLs include                bathing and dressing                managing money                eating and transferring                a and c5 points Question 3    Long-term care is defined as:               Care given by friends and family members of a given institution.               wide range of health and health-related support services provided on an informal and fomal basis to people who have functional disabilities over a certain period of time               client-oriented system composed of both services and integrating mechanism               Two of the above5 points Question 4    Caregivers, when asked what would be most helpful to them, commonly respond                information                training                education                all of the above                none of the above5 points Question 5    Medicare pays hospice providers on the basis of:               Reimbursement of costs incurred               A per diem rate               DRGs               Capitation               none of the above5 points Question 6    Disease and disability are requisite consequences of aging.    True    False5 points Question 7    Subacute care is generally provided in:               Hospitals               Nursing Care Facilities               Either of the above               discharge planning5 points Question 8    Home health care is based on the concept of taking the services to the consumer.    True    False5 points Question 9    Location relative to family members is not an important consideration in choosing an assisted living facility.    True    False5 points Question 10    Supportive housing, by definition, does not include congregate housing.    True    False5 points Question 11    Nursing homes face significant financial challenges                due to a heavy dependence on Medicaid as a payment source                due to a heavy dependence on Medicare as a payment source                due to the large number of RNs and physicians on duty                none of the above5 points Question 12    Long term care is heavily regulated because               There is a history of a relationship of long term care and welfare               The users of long term care are often vulnerable and quality of care is extremely important               Long term care consumers are often unable to judge quality for themselves.               All of the above5 points Question 13    Dr. Cicely Saunders is known as the founder of Hospice.    True    False5 points Question 14    PACE is now a fully integrated, comprehensive health care program, not just an adult day center for the frail elderly.    True    False5 points Question 15    Horizontal integration involves an alliance of two or more organizations providing similar services.    True    False5 points Question 16    It is always important that frail elderly people and those with disabilities move out of their home in order to receive assistance.    True    False5 points Question 17    A continuum of care                is an ideal system of long-term care                is a client-oriented system                is designed to meet the needs of people with complex and/or ongoing problems efficiently                is not a collection of fragmented services                all of the above5 points Question 18    The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987               had a big impact on nursing facilities               changed federal law by instituting higher standards for patient care               increased staffing requirements               all of the above5 points Question 19    Approximately one-third of all nursing facility residents show symptoms of depression.    True    False5 points Question 20    Integrated clinical information systems typically address four specific areas: patient management, clinical guidelines, quality improvement, and:               Patient education               Financial management               Regulatory reporting               Quality outcomes5 points Save and Submit

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