fixed mistakes in articles

fixed mistakes in articles


The introduction should include:

1- Identify the topic and introduce information about it.

2-the stakeholder’s intended audience.

3-The purpose (to inform, persuade, entertain, take a specific action, or a combination of purposes).

4- the goal( interests, mission, and/or message)

5- the five elements.

6- thesis statement.

The introduction should looks like this one:

Police brutality is one of the most polarizing subjects of the past half-decade, and the Black Lives Matter has been the largest organizational movement to come out of this very serious issue, complete with a multi-modal website: Even the name, “Black Lives Matter” shows the life or death stake that this group holds on the subject. It’s purpose is stated in the “about” section of their website which is, “to build local power and intervene in violence inflicted on black communities by the state and vigilantes.” Their goal, also stated on the about section of the website, is to ensure that “Black lives are no longer systematically targeted for demise.” Through analyzing the website’s use of merchandise marketing, images, diction, and organization, one can understand the viral success in appealing to a broad audience of diverse individuals who are specifically devoted to action within the communities most affected. Black Live Matter sees themselves as a civil rights movement against police brutality, and every aspect of their website is effectively devoted towards portraying themselves in this way.

The body paragraph should contain:

1- Topic sentence that ties to the thesis.

2- Supporting, specific evidences.

3- Analysis of the evidence.

4- evaluation of the evidences and its effectiveness.

Overall, the body paragraph should focus on analysis rather than any thing else.

The conclusion:

1-Restate thesis.

2- Topic sentences restated.

3- put something for thinking.

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