fondamental of mineral industry

MEM 501 – Fundamentals of the Mineral Industry

Module6-1 Assignment – Health & Safety

(35 points)

The following assignment will focus various safety and health scenarios.

1 . List the five safety control methods and explain the order in which they should be applied. (5 points)

2. Thinking about a mine you might have visited or have read about,list three potential hazards that might be found at that mine.What control methods might you use to reduce or eliminate the hazard? (6 points)

3. You have been asked to decorate for a special safety celebration….2 years without a lost time accident!There is a large banner that is to be hung approximately 12 feet off the ground in the (maintenance shop or management office….you pick) recognizing the great accomplishment.Conduct a Job Hazard Analysis on this task. Fill out the provided JHA form (form is posted on D2L). (11 points)

4. Conduct a JHA for a task (of your choice) that you have identified in your work environment or at home. What did you learn or realize from conducting the JHA? (11 points)

5. If you could choose any, what would beYOUR personal safety motto? (2 points)

NOTE: Please a need a good work and no PLAGIARISM please

Submit your answers by the due date and save the file as a pdf before uploading to the Assignment6-1Dropbox under “Module 6” on D2L.Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.

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