forum question 41

forum question 41

This is a discussion between students in a class Forum I need a apply to this student with at least 180 words. Your thoughts? Please your own words, No Plagiarism please

I believe you need a mix of both developing existing employees and bringing in outside expertise. I pride myself on being able to recognize potential in people and helping them advance their career. The upside of developing people is that they know the idiosyncrasies of the culture and processes within the firm. In the technology field, having the knowledge of how systems interconnect within a firm is a huge advantage. Those who may have technical knowledge about a platform or product, will often not know how they are interconnected with other systems or how they are utilized by the business. Another upside to developing people, is the dedication and ambition you receive in return. From a purely selfish point of view, I like to grow people so that I can bring them with me to a new company.

Now on the other hand, getting external talent is often a must when entering new territories, such as new technology platforms or business opportunities where expertise is missing within the firm. It will often take time and training to develop the expertise you need. In a situation where you need to bring up technology fast or get to market before a competitor, external talent may be the only way to go. However, expertise will get you in the door only long enough to get others up to speed, unless that person happens to be a good fit to the team and becomes devoted to the firm and the team.

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