forum question 47

forum question 47

This is a discussion between students in a class Forum I need a apply to this student with at least 180 words. Your thoughts? Please your own words, No Plagiarism please

There are a lot of good reasons that a temp employee is used for the benefit of any company. But, there are also some bad just like in everything. Every time that a company hires a temp employee, the first thing that they have to know is if they are reliable. Can you trust them to get the job done effectively and in a timely manner. Will they come to work on time and be consistent in what they are hired to do. Because when you hire a temp employee, there may be some training that may need to take place in order for that employee to do the assigned tasks that the company may require. Then, there are some other jobs that are dangerous and certain safety classes may be needed in order for that employee to do the job.

So, when you hire a temp worker it is sometimes very beneficial to the company because they don’t have to provide any type of benefits to them. That is one way that companies save money, but they also take the risk of getting a bad employee that can’t do the job or isn’t reliable.

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