Health and medicine

Health and medicine
Culture is a cultivation of the soul or mind of a person to fall a given set guideline. Cultural belief is a cultivation of a person mind to follow a unit given set of rules as set by a given group of people. It is the philosophy of a person to have a set of similar and accepted norms that are followed by his or her peers. Cultural values are the accepted ideas a particular group of people follow. A cultural norm is a generally accepted behavior among people of a certain group. The norms are seen as behaviors that dictate the law of the society. Sociologists usually view norms as laws that govern a given group of people where each individual is required to follow the set norms. It’s a society expectation for each person to follow and adhere to the set cultural norms as they outline each day’s responsibility. The values are seen as the just, right and fair to all who follow the guidelines in a given society. Cultural values can also be defined as the commonly followed standards of acceptable or important in a given society or community. Culture of medicine can be defined as the practice that is commonly carried out by health professionals on patients world wide. The activities that are mostly followed by health care providers on the global scale determine the health aspect of all people. For the world to increase the global health the right kind of people for the job matters a lot in that the people form the major part of this improvement as machines alone cannot run on themselves without control by people. Health professions are increasing daily so as to tackle the numerous ailment and illness that affect people (Drench, 2012).
The American health care organization is on the fore front in trying to integrate the primary health care of every individual. This is a culture set by the federal government to help improve the health sector in the country. The improvement are geared towards improving the health sector so as to make them more affordable and better in treatment and offering the best service to mental and psychological patient who are the majority. Health care professionals more so nurses need changes that contribute to better services being offered to the sick. A culture of better management should be introduced to the health care sector. Given the ever-changing clinical operating environment, change management has become a key element in ensuring good performance and success. Some of changes overwhelming nurses include economic hardships, workforce diversity, and the changing technology among many others. To ensure that nurses can cope and sustain all these changes, many researchers have argued that change management should be given a priority in all clinical settings. Management of change could be achieved using entrepreneurship, which should involve planning for change. Nurses should become entrepreneurs and enhance the spirit of providing services to those in need, come up with innovative as well as impactful services based on their experience. This achievement would improve the lives of the sick, their families, as well as other care providers. I as a health care profession wish to involve my skills and expertise and work for a better course that helps to improve the lives of people in the region I serve. I wish to be associated among the effective (Drench, 2012).

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