hist 109 create rides or attraction for 4 time period

hist 109 create rides or attraction for 4 time period

Create rides or attractions for 4 time periods in American history: 1480-1700; 1700-1776; 1776-1820; 1820-1880.

For each attraction, you select a main theme and one primary source from Major Problems that applies. In one paragraph, you will explain how the ride or attraction teaches or shows key components of the time period. Be sure to include something specific from your Major Problems primary source in your paragraph. 150 words for each attraction.

Use this 4 sources below as the main theme of the ride or attraction

Period 1480 -1700; EXPLORATION

Christopher Columbus described his first experience with the Native People in 1493. This period of exploration was unique since it focuses on the instances where the Indigenous Americas and Europeans met for the first time. Columbus made the first journey to the Americas. This explorer, together with the rest of Europeans, had misconceptions. This period of exploration was accompanied by high competition for power and wealth among European nations. Moreover, religious attitudes shaped the relations of Europeans with Native Americans and Africans. Columbus states that he went through the Indies during his journey and found several Islands that were inhabited by very many people (Columbus, 1893). Therefore, the period of exploration was to discover new places to determine their benefits to the Europeans. These explorations made Europeans control the majority of the Americas to increase their territory. Moreover, Europeans were majorly Christians and strived to spread their religion to new boarders.


The American Revolution was a significant period that shaped the history of America and later led to its independence. Revolution occurred after a series of wars against various rivals. The colonists greatly protested against the Stamp Act of 1765 (Almon, 1777). The British Parliament had executed direct tax on America’s British colonies. These colonists decided stated that they are eligible to pay taxes strictly under the rules and regulations of America’s legislature. Therefore, the Stamp Act played a significant role in stimulating the urge for Revolution. This period also had other pivotal events, which include The Townshend Acts of 1767, which was followed by The Boston Massacre in 1770. Moreover, the Boston Tea Party of 1773, The Coercive Acts of 1774, and Concord and Lexington of 1775 worsened the situation. These intolerable activities caused the outburst of Revolution in 1775.

Period 1776- 1820; WESTWARD EXPANSION

This period marked the beginning of Westward Expansion in 1803. Americans migrated to the west to secure land. Westward Expansion was stimulated by various factors that include economic opportunity in gold, specifically Gold Rush of California, farming and logging. Similarly, the west had fertile land and cheap labor. An increase in the Population of the eastern states also influenced this Expansion. During the process of Expansion, Congress enacted an Embargo Act under the reign of President Thomas Jefferson to harm the United Kingdom. Nonetheless, this Act had adverse effects on America’s trade. William Cullen Bryant, a significant liberal American during the 19th century criticized the Act (Bryant,1808) The Westward Expansion, however, took a toll on Native Americans since it caused military conflicts with the Whites, causing numerous deaths.

Period 1820- 1880; RECONSTRUCTION

This was a significant period in America’s history after an intense period of the Civil War. Reconstruction period started in 1863 and ended in 1877. Thaddeus Stevens, who was a member of the House of Representatives, claimed radical reconstruction in the year 1867 (Graber, 2012). The reconstruction served to recompense slavery inequalities and social, economic, and political legacy. Pillars of reconstruction included reinstatement of the Union, execution of progressive law to favor the rights of freed slaves, and change of the southern society. Thaddeus believed that restoration would guarantee the rise of the Union Party. Nonetheless, the reconstruction efforts did not materialize in the end and signified that the blacks were not fit to become part of America at that time. White supremacy doctrine continued to limit the advancement of the blacks who were forced to continue feeling the effects of racial discrimination.



Christopher Columbus Details His First Encounters with Native People, 1493 (MP 1.5)

Spanish Letter of Columbus to Luis de Sant’ Angel, Escribano de Racion of the Kingdom of Aragon, Dated 15 February 1493

In this attraction, you will take the place of Christopher Columbus as you are set into a new land and must record your findings. This attraction will be a form of a scavenger hunt across this central American themed landscape. You will be given a pen and paper where you need to record as many things in order to send to the Spanish royalty. In these recordings, you note characteristics of the natives living there, like their generosity, attire, and potential ability to be converted to Christianity. Additionally, you will take notes on the land itself, like if there are gold and silver. This will teach the key components of this time period by showing what it was like to be one of the first Europeans traveling to the New World.


Samson Occom (Mohegan) Gives a Short Narrative of His Life, 1768 (MP 3.7)

This attraction will be a train ride where you travel through the life of a Native American being converted into Christianity. As Samson Occom, you will witness how many Native youths went into Christianity through ministers visiting small Indian villages. You will start in your village with rumors of ministers coming to visit. After one’s visit, the ride will go through the many stages of progression that Samson went through including learning to read and acceptance of religion. This will teach the people on the attraction about some of the more peaceful ways that the colonists dealt with Native Americans.


The Articles of Confederation Stress the Rights of States, 1781 (MP 5.1)

The Articles of Confederation (1777, ratified and in force 1781).

This attraction will be in the form of a roller coaster that goes through the Articles of Confederation. The ride will be very bumpy since the Articles of Confederation were initially rather problematic. Additionally, this ride will go through the framework that was established for the recently freed colonies that will soon become the “United States of America”. Additionally, the ride will have twists and turns that will be for the various ways in which the federal government’s power was limited. For example, one turn would be when the Articles made it very difficult for the Federal Government to collect taxes. This will teach the one on the attraction of the very difficult process of creating a new government and laws after the Revolutionary war, and that the Constitution was not the original bill limiting the powers of the government.


Tally Simpson, a Confederate Soldier, Recounts the Battle of Gettysburg, 1863

Guy R. Everson and Edward H. Simpson, Jr., eds., “Far, Far from Home”: The Wartime Letters of Dick and Tally Simpson

This attraction will be a large game of laser tag based during the Battle of Gettysburg in order to represent the Civil War. For the team on the confederacy, it will have a very gloomy atmosphere. The morale will be lowered to the fact that the Confederacy has already lost previous battles and lost many strategic areas, like the Mississippi River. However, religion and faith in God will be giving the Confederate team morale. In addition, the Union laser tag team will have much better equipment, including guns, boots, and coats. This attraction will teach the attendees, especially the ones in the Southern team, the Struggles that the Confederate army faced during the Battle of Gettysburg through very low morale and inferior equipment.

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