history of medicine

The primary source you have turned in will comprise the final chapter of an essay about the history of medicine in the long twentieth century (by ‘long twentieth century’ I mean beginning in the 1890s and ending now). The history that I have told in the second half of this class focuses on issues of medical power and responsibility. From the industrial roots of the pharmaceutical industry, through imperialism, medicalization, war, human experimentation, and the AIDS epidemic, twentieth century medicine has grappled with some of the most difficult political and ethical issues of the turbulent century just passed. Please write an essay summarizing the main events of twentieth-century medicine, using the same triad of textbook, lecture notes and primary sources you used in the midterm. You must refer to at least three of the primary sources from this half of the class, plus the one that you have chosen for the last section of the essay. You may use outside sources, but they should be scholarly works or primary sources, not just semi-popular historical stuff on websites. If you wish to do an essay that focuses on a different set of issues than the ones I have covered, you must include a bibliography of three additional primary sources with your paragraph for a total of four sources. Format, title and organization of the essay are up to you, but it should be 8-12 pages long, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins. As in the midterm, use whatever standard citation method you are comfortable with, but if in doubt, please refer to the pdf on TED outlining MLA format.
This assignment will be worth the remaining 60% of your grade.
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