hospice interview

 Contact the hospice office manager and set up an appointment to interview either him/her or the physician.

Complete and submit the pre-set interview questions 

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. What degree(s) do you need to operate your business?
  3. What are the type(s) of clients’ you serve?
  4. What regulations/license(s) are you governed under?
  5. Are you bound by HIPAA rules/regulations? If not, how do you maintain security and confidentiality of the patient/client health record?
  6. How do you ensure the completeness, timeliness, and accuracy of records?
  7. Do you have an electronic health record? if yes- what is the name of system? If not, what type of filing system do you have for patient/client health records?
  8. What does the role of a health information management/medical record professional look like at the organization?

[Student Name]

HIM 1800 – PPE I

Interview Assignment


[Facility Name]

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Center

Interviewee: [First and Last Name] – [Title]

[Facility Name], Inc. started over 30 years ago in Las Vegas, Nevada, it has grown into a national company located in nine states. [Facility Name] Florida was established in 2001 and has centers located in Hillsborough and Pinellas County. [Facility Name] provides a wide variety of human services both in residential and outpatient environments. Their programs include outpatient counseling, substance abuse treatment, juvenile justice treatment programs, mental health services and case management programs. According to [title], [First and Last Name] licensure varies according to position. Those positions requiring state licensure include Clinical Social Workers and Mental Health Therapists, addiction professionals require certification by the state. [Facility Name] clients include those with substance abuse issues, mental health issues, the homeless, veterans and those criminally involved.

[Facility Name] is governed by licensing requirements of the state of Florida. These licenses include, residential level II (Dept. of Children and Families), level V, residential treatment, outpatient licensing, case management, intervention and after care. [Facility Name] is also bound by HIPAA rules and regulations. According to [Facility Name] uses a combination of computer and paper based health records. I enjoyed my interview with [First and Last Name], she was warm and welcoming and very detailed in her responses to my questions.

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