i have a case study for managerial accounting

i have a case study for managerial accounting

Case Study #2: Textbook page 275 -Problem 7-3A Aztec Company

(750 to 1000 words, 3 references APA format, due by 11:55 pm Sunday Dec 1, 2019)

1. Prepare a table that shows the computation of cash collections of its credit sales (accounts receivable) in each of the months of June and July.

2. Prepare the merchandise purchases budget for May, June, and July. Report calculations in units and then show the dollar amount of purchases for each month.

3. Prepare a cash budget for June and July, including any loan activity and interest expense. Compute the loan balance at the end of each month.

Only solve the 3 questions above in the book it shows 6 questions forget about them and only solve the 3 questions above.

APA style format, zero plagiarism, references and citation, 7 pages including references and into page, 800 to 1000 words, no copy and paste

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