i need a marketing budget for my company

i need a marketing budget for my company


Marketing budget (Ms excel worksheets template)

Section 2: Uses the “Business Plan Financials” MS Excel template see course requirement files in week 1) to support your development of the marketing budget.

Complete the marketing budget worksheet for your company.

Hints: The goal of the marketing budget is to help you determine how much it will cost you reach your market and achieve your sales goals.

Hint: When filling out the “Marketing Budget” worksheet in the excel spreadsheet.

*Begin in the current year and complete a marketing budget for the first year of your business. The information you enter in the marketing budget spreadsheet will flow through to your income statement in the business plan financials.

*Leave the number at zero (0) to any marketing vehicles you do not intend to use.

Remember that all marketing activities involve cost.

* Do not leave “Marketing Budget” blank, assuming you will not have any marketing cost.

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