i need help 267

i need help 267

please read instruction carefully…

i have another essay, this one is a research essay not argumentative, it is also on deep brain stimulation, can you tell me a topic you want to do on it? Do you want to do the same topic for the first essay? That is also okay but it should not be argumentative, it should be a research paper… i also need at least 8 sources. There has to be annotated bibliography on them… its okay if you want to do the same sources but i need annotated bibliography for each of the sources,

It should be like 8 pages

The essay should be 8 pages, the annotated bibliography could be like one paragraph for each citation..

The requirements are that it must have eight sources with each one of them having annotated bibliography, the paper must be research paper that is on deep brain stimulation, it must have within it the 8 sources as evidence… the paper should have 2 opposing sides on somethinng to do with dbs(thesis is upto you), just stay neutral and do not make the essay argumentstive… so to sum it up, eight pages on dbs with a thesis, research paper,DONT MAKE IT SO COMPLICATED THE READER WONT B ABLE TO UNDERSTAND, add annotated bibliography for each refernnce, apa style reference page, apa style whole essay… thanks

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