i want a reply to the below post in 160 words

i want a reply to the below post in 160 words

Can a PMO accelerate the implementation process?

Project Management Office will maintain standards for project management with in the organization. A successful PMO is the combination of tools, processes and people

The main important roles of PMO are below

Strategic planning and governance: PMOs assist in scoring of projects using predefined criteria, plan according to the business goals of the organization. PMO advices senior managers to hire best candidates by providing cost/benefit ratio. PMO set policies, procedures, regulations and responsibilities and control projects.

Best practices and process: PMOs maintains consistency between project managers working for different projects and departments by implementing a repeatable project delivery process.

Common language, culture and mindset: PMOs maintains common project culture and mindset by informing and training the employees about different techniques, best practices and methodologies.

Resource Management: PMOs allocate the resources accurately across the projects by managing priorities based of resource loads, budgets and timelines

Creating and maintaining project artifacts, archives and toolsets: PMOs provide software, tools and templates to manage project efforts.

In conclusion, PMO can definitely accelerate the implementation process

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