i want someone to answer these questions

i want someone to answer these questions

Hello, this is for my Early World Civilization class review, I want it on word document, some answers are short answers and some of them are paragraphs. thanks

  1. Who were the patricians?
  1. Who was Aenaes?
  1. Who killed the last emperor of the Roman Empire? (Western Empire)
  1. Who was the last Emperor of Rome? (Western Empire)
  1. The Fall of Rome happens in what year?

  1. Who was Lucretia?
  1. What was a latifundia?
  1. What was the Ummah?
  1. Name the Five Pillars of Islam

  1. Which Muslim caliphate is considered the largest in history?
  1. Who founded the Mongolian Empire?
  1. Which Muslim Caliphate reigned during the Islamic Golden Age?

  1. How did Islam represent a reform of Judaism? (Or what was the Islamic critique of Judaism?)
  1. How did Islam represent a reform of Christianity? (Or what was the Islamic critique of Christianity?)
  1. What was the cause (dispute) of the Sunni / Shia schism.

  1. What happens to the Jewish population in Judea as a result of the Jewish rebellion against Rome?
  1. What was the name of the first caliphate after Mohammad’s death?
  1. What was the purpose of the Council of Nicaea?
  1. Which Roman Emperor makes Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire?
  1. Who was Bartolome de las Casas?
  1. Who were the Moors?
  1. In what year does La Reconquista come to an end?
  1. Which Iberian kingdom is credited with ending La Reconquista?
  1. What was an encomienda?
  1. Who was Paul of Tarsus?
  1. What was the last Muslim stronghold on the Iberian peninsula?
  1. Which ethnic group took over the lands of the Mongolian Empire after its fall?
  1. Which Native American group were the first to be colonized by the Spanish?
  1. What was the role of the Roman Jewish population in the expansion of Christianity?
  1. Name two aspects of the Roman Empire, that survive the Fall of Rome into the Middle Ages.

1. Explain the decision -making process (the pros and cons considered) that the Spanish Crown undergoes before ultimately supporting Columbus’ Expedition. Be Specific.

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