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Colleges Attendance and Policy Article


Being in college is very important since it shows that one is on the right path to attaining the career that they have always wanted. In most cases, colleges help in creating a person’s future. However, if not the college time is not used in the right way; it ends up destroying the future of a person. That is why college is important. Colleges like Baruch College is required by the state laws to keep track of the student’s attendance and carefully fill out a certification of attendance roster received several weeks into each semester.  Student’s attendance in class is among the criteria the college uses in evaluating performance. Attendance is taken through posting a sign-in sheet that has a place to sign next to a student’s name. Immediately a class begins, the sign-in-sheet is replaced with as late sheet. At Baruach College there are grades awarded to students according to their attendance. For undergraduates, the grade WU is awarded to a student who has so many unexcused absences. A member of the faculty awards an unofficial withdrawal (WU), before the student takes his or her final exams. For all students, the grade WN is awarded if the student never attended any class. WN is given during a course certification to any student so never attended any class. It is also awarded in case the student has no documentation to show that they participated in that course such as assignments.College students often face a lot of challenges. 

One of the challenges is time management. Every college student believes that they have a skill in managing their time in the right way. That happens because they do not get to set their priorities right they often spend a lot of time doing things that are less important and they spend little time in doing the important things. My friend cousin Shirley who happen to start college in BMCC the first time and she was tired of many work to do and she decide to take a day off and not go to class this end up getting into trouble and failing many classes. Now she have to continue to go to extra class in order to pass the class she fail or did not attend.In most colleges, students tend to miss classes a lot. That happens because they have not yet realized the importance of education and they believe that they should not attend all classes. Therefore, they end up being much behind as compared to other students and at times they do not even complete some of the tasks that they have to. As a result, they get to perform poorly and that can be a great problem since their performance matters a lot in their life.

     Another challenge that is faced by the college students is the academic workload that they have to cover. The academic workload that they had in high school is very different compared to the academic workload that they have to cover in college. That is because they have to read a lot and also do a lot of research. That is very challenging since they have to prepare for classes by reading a lot in order to ensure that they have an idea of what is being taught to them. College students are always having assignments and that means that they are rarely free.

    Another challenge that is faced by the college students is personal responsibility. Some college students take very long to realize that their lives depends on them thus they should be very responsible in order to ensure that they do not end up destroying their future. At a young age, children always blame their siblings, teachers, and parents whenever something goes wrong. However, when one gets older they have to be responsible for the problems that they go through especially in a situation where they caused the problem. Most of the students that do not have personal responsibility end up failing since they are never ready to correct some of the things that are going wrong in their lives since they always look for people to blame.

     There are various things that can be done to ensure that these challenges are overcome. One of them is by teaching the students on the importance of proper management of time. When students get to know why it is important for them to manage their time in the right way they are able to set priorities and that helps in ensuring that the students do not get to waste their time doing things that are less important in their lives.

     Students should also have schedules for their activities and that helps a lot since the schedules always guide them on what they are supposed to do next. That helps in ensuring that they do not end up doing the wrong thing since they do not have a plan on what to do. Schedules are very important since they always ensure that the students are in the right place or attending class in the right time. That also helps them become responsible and it makes them make good decisions regarding their lives.


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