influencing quality within healthcare 1

influencing quality within healthcare 1

NSG/468: Influencing Quality Within Healthcare

-Regulation vs. Accreditation


Assignment Content

This assignment is designed to give you a greater understanding of regulatory agencies and accreditation bodies, including their functions, public reporting requirements, and the how they impact quality and safety.

Select and evaluate a regulatory agency or accrediting body.

-Discuss the history of the agency or body.

-Explain the reason for its existence.

-Summarize the agency’s public reporting of quality indicators:


-Where they are reported

-Why public reporting of these metrics is important

-Explain how the agency or body operates:

-Current function

-Organizational structure


-Analyze the impact the agency or body has on quality at each level of health care:

-Health care organizations

-Nursing practice

-Patient care

Cite at least two sources in an APA-formatted reference page.

Format your assignment as one of the following:

-18- to 20-slide presentation with detailed speaker notes


-875-word paper


Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

What are the key differences between regulation and accreditation? What accreditation standards and regulations are most commonly cited or used in your practice setting or one that you’re most interested in working?

Please reference and add citation using APA format.

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