information network security essay questions

information network security essay questions


1. If you get a call from a user that the network is slow – what will you do?

2. You see a ‘fault’ lite on the switch – what will you do to troubleshoot the problem?

3. Describe how Active Directory can be used to control workstations and give examples.

4. Describe why backups are important for network equipment

5. Describe data center monitoring goals and techniques

6. Describe any limitations or implementation issues for SDN.

7. Describe any limitations or implementation issues for HCI

8. Describe what typical problems can wireshark identify?

9. Describe the benefits and configuration of a DMZ

10. Describe the major strengths and differences between AWS, Azure and GCP

11.List how you would have IPv6 and IPv4 coexist? — tunnel router/VPN

Short answer questions:

1.) IPv4 vs. IPv6 (write example out)

2.) Firewall vs. Router —>

3.) OSI Layer model 1 →

4.) Layer 2 vs. Layer 3 device

11.) Define POE — Power over Ethernet (what does it do?)

13.) Define TCP:

14.) Define UDP vs. TCP:

16.) SSL used for?

17.) Define LDAP —

19.) What does service set identification (SSID do for wifi network?) —

20.) What is DHCP? What does it do? Or TCP/ip network

21.) What does the DNS server do?

24.) What is a VLAN? —

26.) Define NTP — Network Time Protocol (describe)

27.) What are the key differences between different types of wifi security (WPA)?

28.) Define RAID Levels

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