Insiders Trading has been described as a Victim-less Crime.

Insiders Trading has been described as a Victim-less Crime.

Topic: Insiders Trading has been described as a Victim-less Crime.

1. Explain Insiders Trading? 

2. Why is it regarded as an Ethical Issue?

3. Give at least five (5) legal and five (5) ethical reasons why society should care?

This paper on Ethics must have a table of content, appropriately sub-headed, paragraphed, and page-numbered double-spaced on 12in font. It must be no more five (5) pages long, including charts, tables and appendix (where applicable); and other appropriate citations (bibliography). Students are required to do some research on this topic and be very persuasive in their presentation. They also should be able to comment on ethical issues they are able to identify. They should also be able to discuss specific legal issues related to Insiders’ Trading.

The paper must include:

An introduction;

Main body; 

Conclusion; and 


The conclusion MUST  include implications for managers and business.

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