introduction to judaism

Prompt: The Hebrew Bible is often part of the textual traditions of Judaism on Satlow’s maps. Citing three specific examples from our class, discuss how Jewish communities have interpreted the Hebrew Bible. How does each interpretation fit with the larger goals of each figure/community discussed?

Our 2 common Source materials used in class are:

-Creating Judaism- History, Tradition, Practice by Michael L. Satlow

-Rabbinic Stories- The Classics of Western Spirituality

  • Please support your thesis with sound arguments and strong evidence. Please refrain from using personal anecdotes. Use Creating Judaism and other course readings as your sources. You may not use outside sources in order to answer the prompt.
  • Be sure to cite any course texts you use to answer these questions. Citation is part of your grade. Cite your sources in the following manner (author name, page number). For example: (Satlow, 202).
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