issues research paper on abortion when and why it should shouldn t be allowed

issues research paper on abortion when and why it should shouldn t be allowed

Task: Write an 8–10 page (double-spaced) researched argument on a current, compelling issue related to your focused topic area. Use timely, authoritative sources to support your claims, and use MLA documentation standards for both in-text citations and a works cited page. Your research should include a range of sources, including books, periodicals, scholarly journals, and credible Internet sources. Your audience should include major stakeholders in the issue about which you argue, in addition to your instructor and classmates. Your instructor may require you to use your re ective letter to identify your target audience.

In the “A” issues paper, the writer makes a compelling argument on a timely (kairos), focused issue appropriate for the audience’s needs and interests. The writer has a clear, arguable thesis supported by good reasons and suf cient, typical, accurate, and relevant evidence (STAR). The writer makes effective rhetorical appeals (ethos, pathos, and logos) and demonstrates that he/she has thoroughly researched the issue, incorporating a variety of credible sources, without being derivative of those sources and their arguments. The writer anticipates and effectively responds to opposing viewpoints (procatalepsis). The writer concludes by summarizing the argument and suggesting implications or consequences that engage the reader.

An “A” issues paper is exceptionally well written, in addition to being well argued. The title cleverly indicates the subject, and the introduction effectively catches the reader’s attention, establishes the timeliness and context of the issue, and forecasts the organization of the paper. The writer develops a focused, uni ed, and coherent argument, and the arrangement of the argument is logical, with smooth transitions from paragraph to paragraph and sentence to sentence. The writer further engages the reader by establishing his/her credibility via his/her good writing: the writer varies sentence length and structure for an easy, owing rhythm and avoids vague, wordy, or obscure sentences. Diction is clear, concise, and precise, and punctuation, grammar, spelling, and usage adhere to the highest standards of edited American Eng- lish. Additionally, the writer incorporates sources effectively, citing authority when appropriate; paraphrasing, summarizing, and quoting effectively; and adhering to MLA citation and format- ting standards both within the text and on the works cited page.

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