jv education discussions

Part 1

  • Research the trends in educational technology. What do you think the biggest influence on education will be in the next 10 years?

Part 2

  • Discuss fundamental ways in which you can apply one (1) learning outcome from this course to your professional and personal life. Elaborate on one (1) emerging technology that intrigued you enough for you to plan to apply it in the future.
  • Based on your prior professional and personal experience with educational technologies and what you have learned in this course, determine two (2) other elements of educational technology that you would like to learn about

Part 3

  • How do constructivist notions about learning, memory, learning goals and conditions for learning differ from the other schools of thought we have covered so far?
  • Do you see constructivist principles at play in this course? Why or why not? Give specific examples?
  • How might the application of constructivist principles (or the amplification of constructivist principles) improve this course? Explain your rationale.

Part 4

  • How would constructivists view learning objectives and assessments (which come from the behaviorist tradition)?
  • How could the traditional approach to objectives and assessments be changed to better align with constructivism?
  • Do you believe the changes you have specified would make instruction in general more efficacious? Why?

Part 5

  • Describe the learning environment in which you work or expect to be working (i.e., sixth grade, special education, etc.)
  • How is the theory of learning you created in assignment four customized to this environment?
  • What theories and/or practices discussed in the class play a starring role in your customized learning theory? Why?

Part 6

  • Considering everything you have learned in this class to date, describe five ideas you feel are most applicable to the widest variety of instructional situations.
  • Why did you pick these five? Explain your rationale.
  • Are these five ideas particular applicable to your current (or future) career? If so, explain how.
  • Which idea(s) do you think have the least applicability? Why?
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