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Chapter 13 of our textbook addresses Leadership Effectiveness. The section 13.3 (page 514 – 515) is about behavioral theories and which leader behaviors drive effectiveness. One is TASK-ORIENTED LEADER BEHAVIOR (includes Initiating Structure and Transactional Leadership). The other is RELATIONSHIP-ORIENTED BEHAVIOR (includes Consideration, Empowering, Servant-leadership and Ethical leadership).

Research how the leadership of ONE of organization you choose for your final paper has presented themselves during this COVID-19 pandemic. Leadership can be the CEO, CEO, President, or whomever the organization choose to be the spokesperson. Research the leadership response not just to the public, but also how COVID-19 was handled to the employees, if possible.

Write a minimum 250 – 500 word response to if the leader was TASK-ORIENTED OR RELATIONSHIP-ORIENTED, or both. Explain your response by giving examples and key terms from the textbook. . Also, write what your conclusion is about what this says about the organization. Include references at the bottom of the page

NOTE: I do make Arabic videos about COVID-19 in my YouTube Channel


These videos are about the confirmed & active cases in the (first 3 states and first 3 countries) that have a high range of covid19 and the total confirmed & active cases in the world including the Middle East. So,

Confirmed cases – Active cases – Total of death – Total of recovered

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