Leadership Manager Leader Visionary

Leadership Manager Leader Visionary

4-5-page paper not counting the Title page and Reference page

A. Introduction:

BRIEFLY Tell me why it is important to understand What a Leader Is, The Leader as a Visionary, The Leader as a Problem Solver and a Leader as a Team Builder. Point out the main points of the paper in the introduction.

B. Body of your paper: (4-5 Pages total in length)

Each of these four sections should be about one page in length:

The student will discuss each of the following sections in a minimum of one page per section:

1. What is a leader? What is a manager? Discuss what were the most interesting parts that you will be able to apply to a work environment? Why?

2. Describe what does it mean when we talk about the “Leader as a Visionary”?

3. Describe what does it mean when we talk about the “Leader as a Problem-Solver”?

4. Describe what does it mean when we talk about the “Leader as a Team-Builder”?

C. Conclusion:

BRIEFLY summarize the contents of the paper. Restate the main points of the paper in the conclusion.

Paper References

Please support your ideas, arguments, and opinions with independent research, include at least three (3) supporting references or sources (do NOT use Wikipedia, unknown, undated, or anonymous sources, such as websites).

Submission Instructions/Check List:

• APA Template used

• Title Page correct

• Abstract not required

• Introduction included

• Body of the paper addresses the 4 sections outlined above

• Headings are used to organize the body of the paper– Review Announcement on Headings

• In Text Citations are correct

• Conclusion included

• All Text is double spaced

• Reference page correct and required three sources are listed

• Paper is 4 – 5 pages in length not counting the title and reference pages.

• Paper is in MS Word and submitted as an attachment in either a .doc or .docx format.

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