lgbt issues 1

lgbt issues 1

It is no secret that our nation and our public conversation about LGBT matters has changed in the last, not only 100 years, but more drastically in the last 20 years. This latest generation of kids have grown up in the most accepting and diverse American culture to date with respect to LGBT individuals, their families, and the issues they stand for.

This week we watched the dramatized version of The Laramie Project. A play that was written to expose and relay the stories and horrific events of that day that happened to Mathew Shepard. As mentioned before, this is a play that is performed all over the United States. This play, like so many other plays that deal with LGBT themes and issues have been coming more and more to the fray of our national and public conversation. We have seen the rise of gay and lesbian characters in all of our entertainment including TV, film, and of course the Theatre. We see how the last 20 years of LGBT pointed entertainment has shaped the political discourse of our nations power brokers. We are changing laws and shaping society to a far greater degree in even the last 5 years so as to tackle the discrimination against this particular group. Gay marriages are now legal all over the states and those that would decry the LGBT lifestyle as something to be covered or shunned for cultural or religious reasons are now beginning to be seen as radical and out of touch where just 10-15 years ago those same voices held the majority of political power in our nation. How far we have come from even prop 8 in California that would have made sure it remain illegal for same sex marriage in the state. In 2008 it was passed by the voters. It was made null and void when the supreme court made same sex marriage legal in all 50 states in 2015.

The waves of change are boundless and can be seen almost daily as we here more reports of judges, states, and the federal government ending discrimination all over the nation.

Here is the question(s) I have……

In light of the play you have now watched, the articles you have read, your research and your own general awareness and knowledge of the state of our national discourse with respect to LGBT issues:

Do you feel that it has been a positive 15 to 20 years for Gay and Lesbian issues, their families and the way we feel about them?

Do you feel that we have moved in a positive way as a nation since the Mathew Shepard event in 1998? Why or why not?

How and why do you believe we have changed so quickly in our society toward the LGBT community?

Have you seen any change in your own life with how you feel or behave toward Gay and Lesbian individuals?

Would you watch a play or view a film or television that highlights LGBT themes and values? Why or why not?



I want you to answer the questions in 150 words and respond to two other student’s writing that I will provide later, just a comments and weather you agree with them or not.

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