logistic regression quiz

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Suppose a researcher is studying the likelihood of students passing an exam based on the number of hours studied. The probability of passing the exam is .10 for students who do not study, .15 for those who study one hour, and .45 for those who study two hours. How should she describe the results?

MERs stands for _______________ at representative values.

A researcher studying whether a member of Congress votes for or against a bill uses the member’s years of service and partisan affiliation to predict the vote. She finds a large increase in the likelihood of a no vote when a member’s service increases from four to five years. What pattern has she found?

By using natural logarithms, logistic regression is able to create a ____________ relationship between the independent variable and the dependent variable.

Logistic regression is designed to predict the ____________ of an action occurring.

A pseudo R-square value is intended to approximate the ______________ in the dependent variable explained by the independent variable.

Consulting the p-value of the z statistic or the Wald statistic allows a researcher to decide whether to:

Logistic regression estimates the ____________ effects at the means when using more than one independent variable.

Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE) compares the probability of a correct guess between two models by _____________ the logged likelihood of model 1 _______ model 2.

A variable coded as voted/not voted is an example of a ___________ variable.

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