marketing research project 4

For this project you will define a marketing problem for Santa Monica College (or another organization or your choice). This could, for example, be a problem related to: increasing retention of students (or employees), attracting more students (or employees), the challenge of competition from other community colleges (or companies), providing better service at the bookstore or counseling center, maintaining or enhancing a certain image, etc. You will then plan the research design that will address the problem.

Part 1, Step 1: Exploratory Research

Develop and conduct exploratory research to help define and refine the problem. You may use any one or more of the exploratory research techniques that we have discussed, including:

– Reviewing secondary data – Using the case study method

– Conducting a focus group interview – Using informal experience surveys

– Conducting in-depth interviews – Using projective techniques

In one full page (double-spaced), 1) describe your exploratory research efforts, 2) the results (what you discovered) and, 3) your definition of the marketing problem.

Please attach or include on a separate page one or more of the following as applicable, and a description of the audience for your exploratory research:

– focus group moderator’s guide that you used; description of the group

– interview questions

– detail of projective techniques used

– citation of secondary research sources

– description of case study situation or organization

Part 1, Step 1 is just the exploratory section where you determine the marketing problem. Step 2 is developing the research design, but does not require actually “conducting” it (although you may if you choose).

Part 1, Step 2: Develop the Research Design

On a separate page, you will develop your research design for the marketing problem. Include the purpose of your research and be specific as to the methods and techniques that you would use. Remember, there is no “best’ research design, and you can choose among many alternatives to solve a problem. Indicate specifically both the type of research you would implement and how you would implement it.

Part 2: Explain one or more ways in which you might use the material that you’ve learned in this course in your personal and professional life.

Part 1 should be a minimum of 3 pages, not to exceed 5 pages.

Required Format:

· Double spacing

· 12 point Times New Roman font

· Save in Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format

I have uploaded an additional sample of the project to better know how the assignment should be done.

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