mati energy drink

mati energy drink

Attached is the excel file and the world cloud

Power needs to be at least 11 slides.

Provide brief background on product

Based on that Word Cloud provide some interpretation and analysis of:

– What’s going on with customers

– Who are our customers

– What issues are our customers focused on

Make sure that analysis is supported by the Word Cloud

In addition, use the results from excel file (tabs Global & Topics) to add some additional value to analysis, like:

– How much of our commentary is positive or negative

– What clusters are meaningful going forward with our product and its marketing

Produce a short analysis of the marketing implications of the text you have analyzed, including: potential pain points, customer attitudes, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses

•You can write these in bullet form on 3-8 slides

Also, produce some explanation of where your text came from,

•Mati data is from comments posted online between January 1, 2017 – September 30, 2018

Some background on the topic you are examining is always helpful to your reader

Include quotes from at least two of your texts to demonstrate the points you are making with your marketing implications

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