media text

Media Text (film, TV show, music, video game, website, social media, etc.)

Choose a film, musical artist, or TV show, video game, or website/social media site that you believe has a notable cultural message and/or has had (or will have) a significant impact on its medium (film, music, TV) or the culture.

  1. Give a brief history/biography of the the film, tv show, life of the artist, website, or social media site. What lead to its creation, what year(s) was it relevant, and what is its status today?
  2. Talk specifically about the film, TV show, musician, website, or video game. What is the genre/plot/theme(s)? Use examples to illustrate your points. What kind of audience does it appeal to? Discuss what you feel is(are) the most relevant element(s).
  3. What is the cultural significance of the film, TV show, musical artist? What kind of message do you read in the text? What kind of influence did (does) it have on society? Please note that this can be positive or negative depending on the text you choose and how you interpret it.

This paper should be approximately four pages (1000 words). You will need to research to adequately cover all of the questions, so at least three sources will be used. Make certain to give proper citation for all of your sources used. Please review the rubric for the assignment before you submit it.

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