need 7 8 pages with apa format

For this project I want you to make believe you are an entrepreneur running your own company. It can be any kind of company you wish, some are easier to work with than others, but that is up to you. I want you to write a story about your company telling how you run the company and how it operates with emphasis on those things you have learned in the course. Make sure you reference your business plan, include a business case in your story (How you used it not how you define it), a project plan should be included and you can throw in anything else you learned in this course to make the story interesting. This a story you are making up, so be creative and throw APA out the window, it should read like a short story on your business. Remember, this is an IT course. Your company could be banana distribution business, but when you talk projects, they will be IT projects.

If you are uncertain what I am asking for, there is a discussion board topic for you to use to ask questions. Please take advantage of it. Why guess at what I want when, if you don’t understand, I will tell you. Since this is due in week 7, there is no time to redo if you guess wrong at what I want. I don’t think it will be hard. How many pages? You probably should not attempt to do it in less than 5 nor more than 10, but you should be complete and the story should be good and I don’t count pages anyway.

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