need someone to help 1

need someone to help 1

answer one question you were assigned from the following questions. Whenever you can, you should use issues from the text, class, or the news items to back up your response. CITE YOUR SOURCES within the text of your answer, if not, your work will not be graded. The length of your answers should be MORE than FOUR paragraphs (e. g., at least five). You MUST give your opinion and answer why you believe this way. No citations and your test will not be graded.


1- If you had to explain the importance of political parties, what would you say?How would you differentiate American political parties from those of Europe?What is the influence of political parties today versus their previous standings?Use examples from the text and articles to illustrate your points.


2- In your opinion, what are the most important part(s) to the Constitution? Identify them and briefly explain how the Constitution addresses the core values through your favorite part. If you were at a social gathering and had a conversation with a young voter, how would you describe your position to them? Give examples that illustrate your point

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