network administrator interview

network administrator interview

This assignment has a two-fold purpose:

1. To keep you updated of the current networking environment in an organization.

2. To find out some information on real-world practice in networking administration.

Requirements of the Assignment:

 Interview a network administrator in an organization to find information as much as possible on the following issue:

 Background information on the organization and the network administrator.

 Type of network(s) that is/are installed, giving examples of hardware and software.

 Who make(s) decisions on the type and configuration of network, and the criteria used to make those decisions.

 How the network is being used in the organization, with emphasis on the following:

 Examples of achievements that are brought by the network.

 Examples of problems that are encountered with the network.

 How the issues related to security are addressed in the network.

 The top three things that can be changed if doing it over again.

 Write a short report of no less than FIVE and no more than SIX double-spaced pages on the findings from this interview. Also, you need to include your comments at the end of the report.

 The report should be professionally written with the course information on the first page.

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