Nurses impact on health policy

Nurses impact on health policyReflection upon life experiences and use of those experiences can help us to move forward or perhaps remain stagnant.  In separate weeks students will submit a written entry as a ‘reflective journal’, to express thoughts, connections and critical thinking related to the readings, discussions and assignment.Part 1: Instructions:  Answer all questions in essay format with at least 300 words and two supportive citations from evidence-based practice source including the textbook per question.Each area should be addressed in a separate paragraph. Each item should equal 300 words or more.300 words—Question A: The Institute of Medicine has been quoted as stating: “[healthcare professionals including nurses] must see policy as something they can shape rather than something that happens to them” [Patton, Zalon, Ludwick, 2015 p. 3]   Compare your thoughts about specific laws, policies and healthcare before you read chapter 1 to after having read chapter1: What is different in your thinking? How has this chapter enhanced your knowledge and your perception of health policy and its impact on population groups? Provide example to support your statement.300 words—-Question B: Chapter 2 discusses interest groups; A) What are Interest Groups based on chapter 2? B) What role or purpose do interest groups play in health policy? C) Where are interest groups found if one wanted to contact them? Provide specific example of at least 3 interest groups and the service they provide D) How can you be a part of an interest group? What specific steps would you take E) Which interest group would you pick if you would join one and why? Explore the wounded worrier project interest group. State the mission of this group and why this group is important. How have they shaped the general populations perception and impacted the population they serve?200 words—Part 2:  Address your ‘a-ha moment’ for this week: Elaborate on how Nurses and other healthcare officials have the power to influence the population perception of health and health care. Provide specific examples (client education) of what nurses can do to change client perception of health in a positive way and increase the populations overall health.

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