Nutritional Assessment

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Nutritional Assessment




Nutritional Assessment

For this assignment, I kept a record of all of the things I ate in one week as well as my weight. After I recorded everything, I went to the website to find out the number of calories contained in each one of the things I ate, and then I converted those numbers to kilocalories. After finishing this process, I could look at the total calories I am consuming a day and I could compare it to what I am supposed to be eating according to and the American Cancer Society.


According to, with my current weight, age, height, gender, and lifestyle, I should be consuming 1860 to 2000 calories a day. If I wish to lose weight the American Cancer Society suggests cutting that amount by 250 calories a day resulting in a decrease to around 1610 calories a day. My BMI right now is 23.0 which is considered normal, so my goal is not losing mass or weight. I should be exercising more often to keep in good shape and because in the long run, the consequences of a sedentary life could develop in problems with the blood pressure, weaker bones, hormonal imbalance, etc. (Ekelund & Brage). I’m also consuming less calories than what is recommended, but I am including all of my nutrients in my diet.

Plan to Meet Nutritional Deficiencies

Biochemistry of Foods


Dietary Assessment

DayFood ConsumedCaloriesKilocalories
Breakfast2 Boiled Eggs1 American Coffee160 cal
LunchRopa vieja sweet potato bowl615 cal
DinnerSeared chopped chicken breast w/ creamy italin dressing veggies & veggies646 cal
Breakfast2 Boiled Eggs1 American Coffee160 cal
LunchHealthy carnitas tacos w/ whole wheat tortilla750 cal
DinnerBaja style shrimp & quinoa bowl550 cal
Breakfast2 Boiled Eggs1 American Coffee160 cal
LunchLemon pepper chicken bowl723 cal
DinnerMongolian beef whole grain830 cal
Breakfast2 Boiled Eggs1 American Coffee160 cal
LunchBBQ glazed turkey meatballs w/ mash and veggies670 cal
DinnerBaked white fish on bed of mixed vegetables752 cal
Breakfast2 Boiled Eggs1 American Coffee160 cal
LunchTurkey and pepper jack cheese with pea soup646 cal
DinnerCuban cubed pollo fricassee w/ boiled potatoes740 cal
Breakfast2 Boiled Eggs1 American Coffee160 cal
LunchGlazed Turkey meatloaf w/ sweet potato mash and corn850 cal
DinnerChicken thighs w/ veggies650 cal
Breakfast2 Boiled Eggs1 American Coffee160 cal
LunchSpanish style ground chicken & veggie quinoa w/ cucumber and tomato588 cal
DinerShrimp enchiladas zucchini boats810 cal

Current weight: 130 lbs.


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