one paragraph 25

You may also

choose 10-15 lines from a section of

Paradise Lost

you would like to analyze.

Once you have chosen which poem you want to analyze, do the following:

1.Paraphrase the poem line by line(Exception: if you have chosen Lovelace’s To Althea, From Prison, Marvell’s To His Coy Mistress, or Marvell’s

The Mower’s Song, you may paraphrase every 3-4 lines or every stanza).

2.Using ART WARS, tell what the poem is about (A).

3.Using the remaining elements of ART WARS, choose 3 of the 6 to comment on: 

Repeated themes/ideas:






Don’t just say “I see alliteration here” or “These words rhyme”, but be sure to explain what effect these elements have on the poem overall. Try at least 1 new element you did not use last week!

4.Tell us why you chose this poem to analyze. How did it speak to you?

5.Create a question to ask the class about your poem. “You” questions can

work very well.

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