Performance Psychology in Action

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Kinesiology 310 Visualization and Sport
The purpose of this assignment is for you to find a relevant video clip (at least 2 minutes in length) from an online source (e.g., YouTube) that exemplifies one of the following skills/topics from the first half of the semester: self-control, concentration, mindfulness, choking, slumps, imagery, self-talk, or routines/superstitions. Please provide me with a working url to the clip in your submission. You can even create your own video if you like. You will then write a 500-700-word paper explaining the connection between the clip and the skill/topic.
The paper should address the following points:
– Brief (100-150 word) summary of your chosen skill/topic
– Minimum 350 word analysis of the clip in which you directly connect what was seen with the skill. This is where you will show me your ability to correctly recognize and interpret the skill in action by identifying key elements (i.e., theory, signs and symptoms, do?s and don?ts, causes, consequences) discussed in class.
A passing assignment meets all of the following criteria:
b. Video is at least 2 minutes long, and falls under one of the clips that qualify (see below)
c. The paper includes a complete but concise 100-150 word overview, in your own words, of the skill/topic based on what you have learned from the book and class lectures (citations not required)
d. The paper includes a minimum 350 word analysis of the clip in relation to the skill/topic in question. This analysis should demonstrate your ability to recognize relevant aspects of the skill as depicted in the video. Think about do?s and don?ts, signs and symptoms, and theories that we?ve discussed (again, citations not required)
e. Paper contains minimal spelling and grammar errors
Clips that Qualify:
– Clips from a news broadcast (e.g., local news) or news show (e.g., 20/20; Dateline, 60 Minutes).
– Clips from an actual game/competition.
– Clips from a movie, documentary, or television show.
– Clips from any of the above sources that deal with performance of any kind (e.g., sports, exercise, business, military, music, performing arts).

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