personal information management plan

personal information management plan

In this assignment, you will construct your own personal information management plan. You may write this document as an outline, but the format will need to write in complete sentences. The main point is that you communicate your ideas clearly and thoughtfully. You can be concise, but I am more interested in clarity, specificity, and details.

For this assignment, you should construct a plan for how you will manage personal/academic information. Here are topics you should cover:

  • locating, evaluating, and presenting information ethically
  • archiving or storing information
  • digital privacy and security
  • information overload
  • information rights (right to privacy, right to information, copyright)

You should reference class material at least twice and should cite the information that you reference. This material can be support for an idea or a connection you are making between the material and your plan. It might be something that you wish to quote. Whatever the case, be sure to include material from the class. (You use the textbooks or the additional readings provided.)

Your conclusion should be a reflection on what you have learned; you should also connect this information to other classes or activities–you’re not limited to connecting it school activities. Where do this same kind of learning happen in other classes or beyond the classroom walls?

Length: 3-4 pages, though you may write more if you would like (page limit is 6)

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