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Hello, I need help in my philosophy essay assignment of approximately one thousand (1000) words. I will appreciate if I will have an excellent tutor to assist me with this. Below are the information:

Many articles you read will have complicated dialectics where the author presents an argument, gives possible objections to the argument, and then gives a reply. When you read articles and you feel that the author is contradicting himself/herself, or is going back and forth, this is often an indication that the author is defending an argument against a possible objection.

It takes practice writing clearly so that your reader can follow this dialectic. This assignment will help you organize a dialectic so that you can understand and write sophisticated arguments that handle possible objections.

This paper also gives you practice in conversing with others, critiquing other’s arguments, or replying to their arguments against your position. Conversations usually have a dialectic where someone gives an argument and another person disagrees. It is important to be respectful and encourage the flow of ideas, so that each person can fully explain their position and learn from different perspectives. In writing essays, always write as if the reader has never heard of these arguments or terms.

DO NOT USE OUTSIDE RESOURCES. Cite page numbers and include sources for the Vaughn textbook only. Plagiarized assignments will receive a 0. Essays written without page numbers or a bibliography will be sent back for you to edit and resubmit. Professional writing requires citing whenever you are explaining philosopher’s theories.

Use the template below to help you organize your essay. Write the following paragraphs and fill in the missing details. This activity is broken into three parts, but your paper should present one essay, with paragraphs that flow together. Do not label sections or paragraphs. This is italicized here to indicate what you should write, but should remove the italics in your final essay. Include citation and page numbers from Vaughn and include bibliography.

Attach your pdf to the “Submit” button.

Make sure to read the Essay Comments on your essay. You can see the comments in “Grades.”

Write approximately 1000 words using the structure below.


Part One: Give a thesis statement and explain the argument for the Problem of Evil.

In this essay, I will examine the argument for the Problem of Evil, a possible theodicy against the argument, and reply to the theodicy.

The Problem of Evil is an argument that shows that God cannot be either all- powerful, all-knowing, and/or all good. [Summarize the Argument of the Problem of Evil. Explain why this argument shows that God cannot be all-powerful, and all-knowing, and all- good. Be sure to define an all-PKG god. Define “evil.” Give examples of different kinds of evil/ suffering, such as natural evils, and man-made evils. This may take 2-3 paragraphs.]

Part Two: Explain one theodicy.

One might object to the Problem of Evil by giving a theodicy. A theodicy is ________ [give the definition of theodicy. Make sure to explain that a theodicy will defend the position that God is all-PKG].

One theodicy is _____________ [Choose ONE theodicy that is discussed in the Vaughn book. Cite page numbers from Vaughn. Be sure to explain how this theodicy shows that God is all-PKG even though evil/ suffering exists. Think about why God would allow evil to exist or why he would not prevent suffering or intervene. You may use thought experiments, examples, or scenarios to illustrate this theodicy].

Part Three: Explain a rejoinder to the theodicy.

The defender of the Problem of Evil argument can reply to this theodicy by saying ____________ [Explain a problem with the specific theodicy you explained above. This may require you to show how the theodicy fails in showing that God must be all- powerful, all-knowing, or all-good. Cite page number from Vaughn. Make sure the reply is a response to the specific theodicy you gave, not just a general restatement of the Problem of Evil].

I have explained the argument for the Problem of Evil, given a possible theodicy, and replied to that theodicy.

Part Four: Give your own assessment of the argument for the problem of evil.

[Briefly assess whether you think that the problem of evil is successful in showing that either God does not exist or that he is not All-Powerful, All-Good, and All-Knowing. Give an argument to support your view.]

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