professional development plan 12

professional development plan 12

Complete the Unit 8 Assignment: Professional Development Plan

The Unit 8 Assignment consists of three parts, including a professional development plan. First, complete the reading, discussion, and activity in this unit. Then, in a 3–4-page written essay, answer the following: I live in Pennsylvania. specialization is developmental disabilities

Part I

  • Explain how your professional, personal, and/or educational experiences have led you to your interest in earning a degree in Psychology. Include why you chose to take classes in Applied Behavior Analysis.
  • Discuss your intended area of specialization and why this area appeals to you.
  • What skills/strengths do you already possess that are required for your future career? Be specific.
  • What skills are required for your future career that you do not currently have? How will you obtain these necessary skills? Be specific.

Part II

Choose Option A if you are planning to sit for the BCaBA and/or BCBA exam.

  1. Clearly outline your plans for sitting for either the BCaBA or BCBA exam. Include in your outline a description of the requirements to sit for the exam and how you plan to obtain supervision and experience.
  2. Determine your state requirements for practicing behavior analysis.
  3. Describe your future educational goals. For example, do you plan to go to Graduate school or will you finish schooling with your Bachelor’s degree?
  4. Describe the professional development requirements for either the BCaBA or BCBA certification. Discuss at least three options for obtaining professional Development.

Choose Option B if you are NOT planning to sit for the BCaBA and/or BCBA exam.

  1. Clearly outline your future career choice. Are there any exams or licenses you will need to obtain? If so, what are the requirements to sit for that exam/obtain that license and how will you meet those requirements?
  2. Determine your state requirements (if any) for practicing in your chosen field.
  3. Describe your future educational goals. For example, do you plan to go to graduate school or will you finish schooling with your Bachelor’s degree?
  4. Describe any professional development requirements for your license. If you will not pursue licensure, how will you stay current in your knowledge of psychology?

Part III

Read Kauffman, J. M., Conroy, M., Gardner III, R., & Oswald, D. (2008). Cultural Sensitivity in the Application of Behavior Principles to Education. Education & Treatment of Children, 31(2), 239-262.

Write one to two paragraphs reflecting upon possible issues with applying behavior analytic techniques with individuals from a culture other than the dominant Western European-American culture.

Include the following in your analysis:

  • Describe why a cultural label provides insufficient information for a behavioral program.
  • Describe one way in which an ABA professional can ensure sensitivity to multiculturalism and diversity.
  • Defend the use of applied behavior analysis with diverse populations and multiple cultures.

As promised, below is a list of the links we took field trips to during seminar tonight. I’ve also included the grading rubric for this week’s assignment. Please try to post your initial discussion post by this weekend, it goes hand in hand with your assignment!

See you in the discussion board!


BACB Code of Ethics:…

Special Interest Groups: https:/…

State requirements:


Unit 8 Assignment…

Grading Criteria






Clearly and thoroughly discusses interest in the field and desired specialization and reasons for interest in specialization. Presents an analysis of current skills and those needing further development.


Student outlines plan for future career including certification, state requirements, educational goals, and professional development.


Clearly and thoroughly discusses the application of applied behavior analysis techniques with individuals from diverse cultures.



Structure: Paper includes a title page, introduction with thesis statement, conclusion, and in-text citations and reference page using APA style.

Paper is appropriate in length (body of the paper should be 3-4 pages, not including the title page or reference page).

Paper includes reference to the textbook and any other academic sources used.


Mechanics: Paper uses Standard American English including correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and complete sentences and paragraphs.

Paper is free of typographical errors.

Paper includes a highly developed viewpoint and purpose.

Paper demonstrates superior organization; communication is highly ordered, logical and unified.




An explanation of the points earned, as well as where the assignment could be strengthened will be included with your grade.


Levy, A., DeLeon, I. G., Martinez, C. K., Fernandez, N., Gage, N. A., Sigurdsson, S. Ó., & Frank-Crawford, M. A. (2017). A quantitative review of overjustification effects in persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Journal Of Applied Behavior Analysis, 50(2), 206–221.

Heinicke, M. R., Carr, J. E., Pence, S. T., Zias, D. R., Valentino, A. L., & Falligant, J. M. (2016). Assessing the efficacy of pictorial preference assessments for children with developmental disabilities. Journal Of Applied Behavior Analysis, 49(4), 848–868.

R Cooper, J.O., Heron, T.E. & Heward, W.L. (2007). Applied Behavior Analysis (2nd Ed). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall

Miltenberger, R. G. (2016). Behavior Modification: Principles and Procedures, 6th Edition. [Purdue University Global Bookshelf]. Retrieved from…

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