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HIS/HUM 381 Global Issue Final Project

At the end of the class, you will have proposed and answered a research question about something in that will be a continuing or prominent issue in global affairs. This is not a summary report as it will require you to work with multiple scholarly and/or reputable news sources, present opposing points of view, assess those views, and share your interpretation through a fully-developed and sourced presentation. This assessment, over the course of the block, is designed to introduce you to quality sources in the discipline, while also emphasizing critical thinking through the process of experiential learning.

You will identify an original subject for investigation. The selection and assignment will require instructor approval as there are a range of subjects. Themes covered during class and your newspaper will help with ideas. To help you think about potential subjects for your paper, read the article “Global Trends: 2030: Alternative Worlds” in Annual Edition: Global Issues. In this short piece the author presents his perspective on megatrends and tectonic shifts.

The assessment is actually multiple assignments (milestones) that build to your Global Issue Final Project. This is for your benefit and mine: this lets you work steadily toward the final project (instead of all at once at the end) and it lets me see what challenges I need to help you with for you in finishing your project. Every week, you are asked to make your thinking visible as you process how you will use the various resources in your final project.

All resources used for this project must by from our textbook, the Library Guide, or any other multimedia resources that your instructor approves. Please remember that whether your outside sources are text, video, or podcast, any ideas that are not your own need citation. Be careful when you are citing your sources; it’s better to source too much than to undersource. Whether you mean to or not, if you plagiarize, you are held responsible. Please review Wilmington University’s Academic Integrity Policy or review this video if you have questions.

At the end of the project, you will have fully sourced presentation with graphic elements, in-text citations on text as well as graphics, a references list and a voiceover. You will have 12-15 slides (not including the title slide and References slides).

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