proposal for the creation of quot best town quot police department

proposal for the creation of quot best town quot police department

Final Paper – Proposal for the Creation of “Best town” Police Department (Due at the End of Week 12)

You have recently been selected as the new police chief for the fictional jurisdiction of “Best town, USA.” Your initial task is to develop a proposal to the mayor and city council for the new medium size police department of approximately 200-300 sworn officers, using the statistics found in the course content for “Best town, USA.” (Week 5)

The paper should be ten (10) pages excluding the cover, abstract and reference pages. To analyze the issues outlined above, the paper should use a minimum of five (5) scholarly references of which at least two must not in addition to the course content.

This assignment asks you to address several topics in your proposal. To ensure consistency, the following format is to be followed:

Cover page with name, course title and number, running head, and date submitted (No graphics!) (APA format)

Body of paper:

Abstract with keywords that provides the purpose of the paper (APA format)

Overall Summary of the proposed type of Police Department (full or partial). Base your rationale on community statistics and input from relevant city leaders.

Sectional Analysis of your recommendations and rationale;

Mission Statement;

Organizational Structure, including:

An organizational chart;
Discussion of ranks/positions of sworn officer;
Number and specific positions held by civilian non-sworn personnel; and,
Summary of the proposed salary structure for each rank or position

Budget Proposal and supporting rationale

Space Needs to include sites other than headquarters or special unit areas

Equipment and Technology Requirements

Conclusion – Roughly a ½ page summary of your proposals

References in correct APA format

Do not deviate substantially from this format.

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