putting social advocacy skills into action 1

putting social advocacy skills into action 1

Assignment must be 100% original

Imagine you are a social worker/policy advocate and you want to make a difference in society. Write a 4 page proposal discussing the functions as a focus of change and its significant part of being a social worker/policy advocate. Find a policy you would like to change and address!The policy practice/advocacy can take whatever form you wish and can be on any level: agency, community, state, or federal. The proposal should also involve advocacy for the amelioration of a social problem concerning the policy. The purpose of this assignment is to thoughtfully and thoroughly plan how you will advocate changing a social problem or policy that is of interest to you.

Be specific when describing the policy you would like to change and address the following in the 4 page paper:

  • Discuss the selected policy, when was the policy enacted, by whom, and for what reason?
  • How are you going to work to change the policy/problem?
  • Explain your plan for social advocacy and change.
  • How will your efforts address the policy/social problem described?
  • Is continued policy practice/advocacy needed to make a long-term impact? Why or why not?

The prospectus will need to be well researched and written using APA guidelines. Data should come from at least five scholarly sources.

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