python am hour to 24 hour format what are the syntax errors in this program

python am hour to 24 hour format what are the syntax errors in this program

The hours of a day can be represented in the am/pm format or in 24 hour format. Your employer wants a program that takes an hour in am/pm format and prints it in 24 hour format. You are given the following test data and an incomplete and erroneous program. The 24 hour clock used here may not be quite the same as the one you may be used to, but the test data we have provided conforms to the conventions used by your employer.

Input Expected output

0 am 0

3 am 3

12 pm 12

1 pm 13

12 am 24

# Problem: convert hour from am/pm to 24 hour format

# Input: hour

# Input: indication

hour = 1

indication = ‘pm’

# Output: hour, an integer from 0 to 24 inclusive

if indication == ‘am’

hour = 24

if indication == ‘pm’

hour = hour + 12



i.What are the inputs and outputs of this problem and their types?

ii.What are the admissible values for the inputs?


i.What are the syntax errors in this program?

ii.Once they are corrected, which of the above tests would the program still fail and why?

iii.Some borderline input values are missing from the test table. Indicate those input values and the expected outputs.

c.The above program is based on the use of pattern 4.3. Explain why pattern 4.4 would be better at expressing the multiple cases. Express your corrected solution to the algorithm for the above program using that pattern. Note that steps 6 (and 6a) and 7 in Pattern 4.4 are optional. Notice also that in a number of cases, hour already has the correct value and nothing needs to be done.

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