question is about the physiological disorders you can talk about adhd

question is about the physiological disorders you can talk about adhd

We are at out two last topics: psychological disorders and the treatments used for those disorders. I like to discuss this in depth as the topic is relevant to all of us and there is so much information in the news and social media that can sometimes be confusing and inadequate. For example, everyone seems to be able to call anyone else “bipolar”, “ADHD”, and “anti-social”, almost always using the wrong criteria. Let’s use this discussion to clarify any questions there might be about any of the disorders described in your chapter or any questions you might have.

Some of the most common disorders that we see today are anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, and personality disorders. For this discussion, you are going to imagine that you are the clinician working with a person suffering from one of these disorders.

  • Pick one of the disorders that you are very interested in and discuss how you would know if your client had this disorder.
  • What symptoms will you look for, and why?
  • What if your client does not have all of the symptoms of the disorder, but some of them? Could your client have symptoms of another disorder.
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