Radiation Exposure to Pregnant Females

Radiation Exposure to Pregnant Females

RADR 1201: Research Paper Instructions FALL 2018 (201910)

Intro to Radiography: Research Paper

Topic Selection

 Determine the topic you would like to focus on: (Please refer to suggested list located on

Blackboard for guidance)

 Next try researching sources on the topic of interest by using key terms/phrases,

parameter filters relevant to your topic. (e.g. SJC database, SJC Library, scholarly

internet sites)

o Use the SJC database to find scholarly/peer-reviewed sources (within 10 years:

2008 – present)

 Submit three (3) preferred topics (in the appropriate order of priority) as instructed via

Blackboard (Research Paper Topics Discussion Forum).

*** Please be advised: Students will not be allowed or approved the same topics ***


 3 pages, double spaced, Times New Roman; size 12 font

o The following components will not count toward the page requirements

 Cover Page

 Abstract (optional; not required)

 Citation/Reference Page

 If you choose to include pictures, graphs, or any appropriate visual aids remember to cite

them. You must include more length to your paper to make up for the space lost.

Example: If a picture takes up ¼ of your page space, you need to write enough to make

up for that ¼ page

 APA formatting standards

Content Standards

o Cover Sheet (title, your name, class name, semester)

o Introduction paragraph (state your topic and what the reader will obtain from

reading your paper)

o Body (define/describe your topic, the importance of it, what it is used for,

interesting information, etc.)

o Summary (1-2 paragraphs)

o Evidence of research

 At least 3 sources must be cited within your paper (1+ on each page)

 Quotes, research information, figures, charts, images, outside opinions,

must all be given a source of reference (i.e. you did not do the actual

research, so the information must have come from somewhere; cite that


RADR 1201: Research Paper Instructions FALL 2018 (201910)

 References should be labeled clearly within the paper (APA Format).

They must refer to the page (article or book) the citation came from. When

using web sources be sure that you are using a reliable source (Wiki not

allowed). Web addresses on the reference page must be exactly the same

to where you found the information

o Reference Page: a separate page that includes all sources used within the paper

(APA format only)

 If you are having difficulty with your paper, the format, citing sources, references etc.

you are encouraged to use the free Writing Center located on San Jacinto College’s

Central and South Campus within the Student Success Center.


o Free 30 minute sessions

o 5 bonus points for providing proof of writing center session

 No first person writing (I, you, we, etc.)

o Example: I think radiologic sciences is a great profession. (Incorrect)

 Must be written in third person

o Example: Radiologic sciences provides several avenues to promote professional

quality and growth.

 Demonstrate objectivity. Avoid subjective language.

 Submission via Blackboard (Turn-It-In section) will be required by due date.http://www1.sanjac.edu/central-writing-center

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