report part manufacturing engineering quot

report part manufacturing engineering quot

Mainly, I need to finish my part which is : (the alternative methods) see the attached pictures of our writing plan of 4 members

my group leader sent me this (((((((since we have to discuss multiple methods/materials we decided to do what is added on the right. Ultimately we’ll talk more about 3D printing since this is all about additive manufacturing. To the right of the methods is all the things we should discuss about each one. We should keep it brief since the statement of work is supposed to be the biggest chunk. So for you if you want you can get started research one of the alternative methods

Then asked her for clarification and respond to me by this message:

((((Yeah i was thinking we could talk about machining it like it is now but with a different material (such as an aluminum alloy) and powder metallurgy (titanium alloy powder) and 3D printing with a titanium alloy. I’ve already started researching the 3D printing stuff like which kind of printing we should use in particular so I can do that part. Then the statement of work part will go into more detail about the 3D printing method))

I need the following:

  • 1.) 1 or 2 figures or tables that help make your points.
    2) 1-3 references at least3.)
  • 3) A list of Mendeley references at the end of the report (must include author, journal/book name, year, and volume at a minimum).
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