research paper proposal assignment

research paper proposal assignment

Research Paper Proposal

You will be writing a paper proposal that informs me of the topic you wish to

research for your research paper. The proposal will be a minimum of two pages

long and will be comprised of several different parts.

Yo u r p ro p o s a l m u s t i n c l u d e


-An introduction to the topic of the proposal

– What do you want to write about?

-An explanation of the significance and a statement of goals

– Why is this topic important to write about? What will you accomplish by

completing this research?

-1-3 Research questions

-What are you trying to learn or prove or argue?

-What questions are you trying to answer with your research?

– Statement of Intended Audience

-Who is this research for? How will the audience influence your

research and or writing?

-Description of Methodology

-How are you going to complete this research? What sources or types of

sources will you use? What terms can you use to conduct searches?

Each of these sections should be a


of a paragraph long. Use this

assignment to really begin to think about what you will be writing about in your

research paper. You may arrange the proposal in any order that you feel

makes sense.

Due Date: __________________

Notes about the assignment:

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