respond to shut up about harvard by ben casselman 390

respond to shut up about harvard by ben casselman 390

Plan and draft a paper that responds to this prompt: Using the techniques described in chapters 1-6 write a paper in which you identify the argument Casselman makes and respond to that argument. You’ll need to briefly summarize the argument in your response. You can agree, disagree, or a combination of both. Use the templates and techniques from the chapters 1-5 and 7.

  • Your analysis must be in essay form appropriate to college-level writing (paragraphs, transitions, an introduction and conclusion, etc.).
  • You must explain your ideas in detail in order to clearly and completely establish your position.
  • Use no outside research. Support can come from your own ideas or the article you chose.
  • You may use first person, but do so judiciously. See Chapter 5.
    • Use MLA style for this
  • Make sure to use ‘voice markers’ (See Chapter 5)
  • Make sure you have included an MLA Works Cited. It must be part of the document and it must be the last page. Works Cited submitted separately will not be graded.
  • Make sure your paper follows MLA format exactly

properly incorporated quotes using the “sandwich” method in Chapter 3 of They Say/I Say.

  • Remember: you should be writing about one of the assigned articles, offering focused summary and stating your own position in relation to the article.
  • Keep Chapters 1-5 in mind.
  • Your thesis statement should address the entire writing prompt. Make it focused and specific.
  • Don’t create a ‘list summary.’ Give readers a general idea of the topic, and focus on summarizing the parts relevant to your position.

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