response and 1 discussion

response and 1 discussion

discussion question 1

Choose one of the Philip Sidney or George Herbert poems you’ve read for this Module, then choose a 20th or 21st Century popular song and make an argument about how the poem and song are thematically similar. Post a link to both the poem and song in your post.

Responses to the discussion


File Week 11- Social.doc


Health communication plays an important role in prevention and the action plans for health promotion. This helps others with the adoption of newer, healthier habits. A way to use health communication activities in a vending machine or refreshment are would be relatively similar. There should be an increase healthier food options. In addition, the healthier options should be created to look more attractive to those in which you are trying to target. A way to do this would be to change the packaging of the healthy foods.

Specifically, it would be valuable to make the healthy food look more engaging than those choices that are less healthy. For example, making the packing more brightly colored or having larger words could possibly be a way for making this plan successful. I believe that this is or should be a focus of projects such as Choose Health or the like. These projects are valuable because they are trying to diminish the obesity and other chronic disease due to unhealthy choices, which can ultimately lead to a decline in deaths from these specific diseases.

It would be beneficial to create a partnership with Choose Health because their goals and targets are similar. Their main purpose is to decrease obesity and redirect those who make unhealthy choices to make choices that are better for them. They focus on making the healthier options look and seem more appealing to the student and teachers at a specific university. Overall, this plan can be successful with the help of health communication activities

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