response needed 105

response needed 105

For this assignment please respond to the following with 200 words britney:

Speaking to someone while attempting to accomplish other tasks at the same time greatly effects our listening effectiveness in a negative way. Speaker phones and wireless phones may make communicating more convenient, enabling us to multitask, however this is much more likely to cause us to be a mindless listener instead of a mindful listener. Mindless listening is when an individual is not truly invested in listening and often gives routine and automatic responses, while mindful listening is when an individual is actively invested in listening and gives thoughtful, meaningful responses (Adler, Proctor II & Rosenfeld 198). I often use the speaker phone when having to make a phone call, because it allows me to still be able to easily interact with my daughter while speaking on the phone. Often times it will cause me to mindlessly listen to the other person I am speaking with, which is unfair to them.

Research has shown that multitasking while attempting to communicate impairs our cognitive focus (Adler, Proctor II & Rosenfeld 205). Reading a recipe while talking to someone on the phone may cause information overload which can cause a barrier in our listening capabilities. When we are focusing on the road while driving and talking on the phone at the same time, we are not being fully attentive to either task, which is dangerous and rude to the other drivers on the road and the person we are speaking with. There is a strong relationship between distractibility and mobile devices (Adler, Proctor II & Rosenfeld 205). Giving someone our full attention so we can have adequate understanding of the situation and respond thoughtfully is important in communication and listening. If we are not going to give someone the full attention that they deserve while they are speaking, we probably should not be communicating with them in the first place.

Listening is an important communication skill, that is in danger with all the constant stimulations we have bombarding our daily lives. When we are communicating with someone we should stop what we are doing and give our full attention whenever possible, especially over the phone where we cannot read or see nonverbal cues. Multitasking while speaking with someone can easily lead to misunderstanding and miscommunication, which can negatively impact our relationships with others.

Adler, Ronald, et al. Interplay Fourteenth Edition. Oxford UP, 2018. Pp. 198-205.

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